Thursday, October 29, 2009

Womans World - Indian Brides in Demand

One of the cousin brothers is getting engaged today and while I am happy, here is another wicket down and I shudder to go to the function because the pressure it would pile up on me. Everyone who happens to know me or my parents would now ask me and them, “When are you getting hitched?” or “We have some girls who are right for you?” to which I just respond with a smile because frankly my dears, I dont give a damn. I dont think I would make a good life partner and it would be unfair on my part to subject another human to the torture. The secret to happiness is to surround yourself with people (not things) you enjoy spending time with. Marriage is a shortcut (not always successfully trodden) because it gives an opportunity for people to create other people (read, children) and force them to spend time with you. That sounds a lot like human rights violations if put it this way, neh?

Heavy stuff, eh? But just listening to process of how the match was arranged – the home visits, the matrimonial sites, the photos and profiles et al. I could not but help but realize that when it comes to marriage (of the urban middle class atleast), it seems that brides are the ones in demand. It is a womans world out there. All that female infaniticide and ladies quotas in professional education is reaping some benefits to the fairer sex. Prospective brides these days have plenty of choices and liberal parents which is coming down to grooms chasing them not very unlike…

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