Sunday, October 18, 2009

50,000 fine drinking publicly

Rs. 50,000 fine drinking publicly

Delhi Govt. on Monday took a big step by purposing a bill that says those who caught consuming alcohol on roadside, cars or outside eateries could be penalized up to Rs 50,000. Such offenders also face a non-bailable jail term. The new excise Bill has got a final nod from the Union Home ministry and will be presented in the winter session of the Delhi Assembly this December. If cleared, it will become a law.

The proposed Act also proposes death sentence for those caught manufacturing spurious liquor. The excise Bill sorts violations of liquor consumption in open spaces in three categories. Offenders who consume liquor in a public place could be asked to cough up a fine of up to Rs 5,000. Those caught drinking at a public place and creating nuisance face a fine of up to Rs 10,000 and a maximum jail term of three months.

The proposed excise Act also says police stations may no longer be required to stock large amounts of liquor seized in various cases — a provision that often helps offenders escape effective prosecution. Malkhanas in police stations are usually full of liquor but non-production of such liquor vitiates the trial, an excise official said. This provision has been done away with in the proposed Act. Delhi Sikhs are happy with this new proposal and we demand Punjab Govt. to take steps like this Kurkshetra is a holy city for hindus therefore  Govt. make this zone alcohol free and this zone is called dry zone but thanx to our Punjab Govt. Holy city Amritsar still have liquor shops.

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