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Dill Mill Gayye - A Message to the Fans!!

Well I have been surfing for a long time try and get as much information about the return of the lead characters in the show. Well to be honest I could not get much information on it. But yes I did find a very good piece of article. By reading this I realized how much the show has affected the lives of millions of people around and also how this situation should actually be dealt with. This also opened by eyes in some way or another. Here is the article.

” My dear blog vasis….

Hope you are all doing well… Wish you all a very happy and a prosperous diwali…. its almost been months since i wrote a full fledged post on this blog.. the recent happenings however have urged me to come and write… irrespective of what opinions people hold on this issue… i always consider(ed) the blog my home and have taken liberties in speaking what i think will benefit one and all on the blog.. you can ignore it , if you dont come from the same line of thought….

At this point in time i am sooo tempted to say “ I told you so….” but i will not use those very words but go around the issue in my own words…. you all know what we are talking about… we are talking about the so called celebrity infidelity… that has hit the media like a storm…. we all know who we are talking about… he is so sweet, he is cute, he is an amazing guy… blah blah blah… i dont care… at this point in time, what i want each and every one of you to realise , is the fact that, atleast now, stop idolising on screen stars… this post is mainly targeted to those teenagers and kids who made Karan god… those people who still refuse to believe he could have cheated on his wife.. those crazy people who are ready to even justify his betrayal…. grow up guys… and wake up to the reality… that you shouldn’t involve yourself so much in a tv show that you forget that you have a life… and a REAL one at that…

This is actually the best time to make this post… DMG has a new set of faces… honestly DMG had served its prime.. but like us, the creatives also dont seem to be in a mood to let go… do you remember the 2.1 trp days of DMG? Today its barely 0.5…. chalo lets forget numbers… what the hell is happening on DMG???? Not now…. what the hell has been happening on DMG since January? Once everyone came to know about AR, what track did the story take? Did it evoke the same emotion it once did… when we saw the i love you i hate you confession? Or the holi confession? The bomb scene? The AR date? The tujh main rab dikhta hai number? I tried really hard to accept Jenny… cos after shilpa, before Suku came in she was the most obvious choice for Riddhima in my head… but she let me down… honestly when i think about it now, did i have to think so much about a tv show? Do anyone of us have to think so much about a tv show? Why do we have to wait for the clock to strike 8:30 every Monday to Thursday? Why does it matter when AR are not together? Why cant you easily accept Sid and Tammanna, in Place of Armaan and Riddhima, when we easily let go of Rahul and Juhi of Sanjeevani? Why are we constantly appealing to the creatives to change the story line so that nothing displeases us?

Honestly, DMG for a very very long time had been on a path of self destruction… the team had stopped thinking like a pro team.. they simply catered and fed audiences egos by providing innmerous moments and a flimsy storyline… they never were the conventional tv show in the first place…

All of this surely has done not just Karan, DMG and its team bad, its harmed us too… its raised the expectations of the audience to a level where its no longer considered criticism… its now called overt interference…. if karan doesn’t come to the set, we know… if jenny isnt around we know.. if suku doesn’t come for weeks we know we can contact who’s who of the team to know whats wrong… if Shilpa anand is on a holiday we still know… if all this were the admiration from a fans side it would have been fine.. today its much more than that.. today its like an obsession… DMG has created a false image and a hope in the hearts of women… it has made a prototype of a romantic hero… ARMAAN… who sadly doesn’t exist…. and the biggest awakening to the fact must have come when you guys saw, what the guy who played it for two years did to his own wife, his co star and his co-dancer did in his own life!

Need i say more? Just wake up and accept the reality…. Let DMG fade away gracefully… and accept that and move on in life as well..


niha “

Well I also agree with Niha that I too always wanted Jennifer as Ridhhima once Shilpa left the show, and yes once she did come she has been disappointing. In a way not really very disappointing but yes possibly she could not live up to the expectations I had created for her.

Also the message given by her that not to idolize the actors is absolutely correct. As personally I admire the characters more than the actors. And I always felt that the rest of the people also do the same thing that is why they accepted three different actors for Ridhhima. But this article has actually changed my direction of thinking, and if this is true that the majority idolize the actors more than the characters I must add that this is nothing but foolishness. Just for the fact that the characters are fictitious and are very well sketched out to be shown to the people. It is not necessary that the actors playing this character are the same. They may have similarities but it is not possible for both of them to be exactly the same. That is why I would like to add that people that are idolizing Karan Singh Grover are not wrong but they must realize the truth of his marriage. What he has done is not correct but we have no right to comment on his personal life. So it’s always better to idolize the character more because one can always imagine themselves in place of it and they can end up not being hurt even if the character changes its shades.

Coming to the story point of view where Niha says that we must carry on with our lives. In a way I do agree to this and also disagree. I at least wanted a happy ending to the love story of Armaan and Ridhhima and maybe then they could have faded the characters away. I think this solution would not have created so much of disappointment in the fans of the show. And yes whatever happens at the end of the day it’s just a show, so we need to believe in this thought and move ahead in our lives the way the show has moved on.

Well I guess whatever Niha has mentioned in the article is exactly what should be done. So I hope many will read it and try to follow what she is actually trying to say.

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