Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jurassic nest in Tamil Nadu,India.

OIMBATORE: Geologists in Tamil Nadu have stumbled upon a Jurassic treasure trove buried in the sands of a river bed. Sheer luck led them to

Geologists in Tamil Nadu discover Dinosaur eggs. hundreds of fossilized dinosaur eggs,

perhaps 65 million years old, underneath a stream in a tiny village in Ariyalur district.-Times of India 1/10/09


South of Vindhyas, a Great civilization flourished, which is perhaps as old ,if not older than civilization that flourished in north of Vindhyas.This civilization was called Dravida, by Vedic people,,Dravida, meaning South.

Sage Viswamitra, condemned his sons to this area because they objected to him teaching Vedas to a man of lower birth, saying birth does not determine one’s caste.Thase sons reached South; to their astonishment they found a culture equal, if not superior to their own.They were also worshipping Muruga, called Skanda in Veda,Krishna an Maayon,Indra, and Parvati, as Kotravai and most of their customs were every rational.They adopted their culture.Their descendent,Aapasthamba , integrated the best of Vedas and Vedic culture and that of Dravidas and formulated the Apasthamba Sutra, which is practiced more in South India.Interesting to note that mangal Sutra otr Thaali is a concept of Dravidas and not Vedic.Vedic marriages are complete with Panigrahana or handing over the bride symbolically to the groom by handing over the hands of the bride to that of the groom.

Again, special way of wearing Saree , called madisaar, like Brahmain male wearing a dhoti is a Dravidian Concept.

Interaction between people of both culture had been excellent.Chera,Chola and Pandya Kings participated in the Mahabharata War.In fact, a king Prunchotru uduyan Nedun Cheralathan performed Tenth day ceremonies of Duryodhana.

Not surprising to note old fossils are found in Tamil Nadu.We must intensify search in Tamil Nadu to unearth more details of our heritage.

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