Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stamp on RK Narayan released

First Day Cover and Stamp released by India Post in memory of R.K.Narayan. Date Of Issue:-10.10.2009.

The Karnataka Postal Circle, on Saturday released a commemorative postage stamp to mark the 103rd birth anniversary of legendary writer, novelist R K Narayan.

Good to see that the stamp design team have included Laxman’s cartoons, that so perfectly matched Narayan’s stories.

After reading and seeing the books of Laxman, I got to know that he also illustrated for the stories of his elder brother, RK Narayan. I remembered the serial “Malgudi Days”. One day, I kept seeing the cartoons accompanying a story by Narayan and just as a timepass, read the story. I was really surprised that how the story and the illustration could match so much. I read many other stories by Narayan and saw that the sketches were just perfect for the story. Gradually, I started reading all the short stories, essays, novels and articles written by RK Narayan. I collected all his books and got to know more about him through the ‘Frontline’ magazine, which brought out a special issue on the occasion of Narayan’s 90th birthday in 1996.

By now I was addicted to reading Narayan and seeing Laxman!

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Awaiting November 1, when Dr.Rajkumar’s stamp will be released!


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