Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jugaad - A Uniquely Indian Life Concept Worth Saluting

Dave aur Jenny were two New Yorkers who moved to Delhi and wrote about it on their blog Our Delhi Struggle. We might have chosen another title, but that’s another matter.

But they discovered Jugaad, the concept of ‘making do in the face of adversity’. They do a good job describing it so you should read it at the source. Below is one small pictorial depiction of it.

On an unrelated note – we are often asked how we find our stories. Here’s the journey a typical story takes to land on YHL – We were on HuffPo watching SNL’s take on Obama’s Peace Prize which led us to Rachel Maddow’s shakedown on Ralph Lauren’s photoshopping horror of emaciated models, where Rachel mentioned, which being one of our favorites, reminded us to head there and see what’s hot India related, and pointed us to Jugaad that brought us to the source, which after getting over being ticked by the word ’struggle’ as a description of life in Delhi, we loved their take on Jugaad and brought it to you.

Primus D'mello's Flickrstream:Jugaad by Primus D'Mello. strange contraptions with enfield diesel model bodies and tractor cart rears

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