Tuesday, October 20, 2009

From my archives - Ode to Hampi

Hey, found this in my old archives and wanted to share this.. Hampi – one of the most beautiful places I ever visited.. Felt like i re-lived the experience, when i read this.. To all those who haven’t gone there, plsssss go.. and to those who have, this will take u down memory lane.. Enjoy..


All these years, she stood still and sturdy

Silently watching the rise and fall of many an empire;

Bearing the onslaught of many an enemy,

Tears in her eyes….


Sun, water, light, blood & fire

She has seen all draped in her green attire;

Arched like a palace, the beauty of which seems only for my eyes,

Like the lion-god’s statue, five times man-size;


She takes on different shapes, that of an idol, of a pillar or just plain boulders…

Many a sculpture has failed to affect her inner beauty with his carvings though…

She is all beautiful, all dramatic…

Within her overflow human emotions, that even a human fails to elicit..


As she sits contemplating by the river..

Each wave washes over sand, under skin..

As weeds weave themselves around her,

She fondles them gently, narrates her story to them,

In a language no human can understand..


With every passing day, with every passing night..

She makes them beautiful – the moon and the sunshine..

And to anyone who sits with her, understands her language..

She makes them powerful – their soul and their mind..


And there she stands tall by all standards..

The aide memoire of the great empire..

An ode to her is all but possible..

Coz she is the cause and result of one’s own desire..

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