Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shillong Bound.

Here’s the Plan. As you might have guessed by now, flexibility is key here so we’ll see how the plan goes down

Friday night: Catch the 10pm train for a 7 hour trek up north to the city of Sylhet (Bangladesh) .

Saturday morning: Cross the border at Dawki (India) to be picked up by NEICORD. I asked Gregory how I’d find them, he said we could make a sign for me to hold…? I can picture it now

And then the fun begins! I’ll be doing work with the HIV/AIDS program in Shillong and the Food Security Project in the nearby state of Assam, as well as more editing of annual reports, some ethnographic research, preparing powerpoints & video (do they know how un-technically savvy I am?) for donors/churches, and….

Kohima just spoke to the NEICORD director and he told her not to worry, I wouldn’t have time to be homesick…??

The YWCA where I was originally going to be staying at is closed for rennovations so I will now be staying with a family. I’ve been told they are Khasi, which is one of the predominant tribes in the NorthEast so I’m excited to live and learn with them

They live close to the office so I’ll be able to walk to work which makes me happy. Walking is so much better for getting to know a city.

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