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Genetic studies show that India is the most diverse place on planet earth

Africa is the most diverse place in the world genetically. But phenotypically, India is the mopst diverse place in the world.

India has been defined as a ‘Country of Caravans”. The country has seen the arrival of diverse groups, races and religious communities from the very beginning.  Aborigines, Aryans, Chinese, Mediterranean, Nordics, Mongols and Europeans came here and merged in the great Indian nation. India is the only country of the world where you will experience such a diverse kind of amalgamation of the people.                                       


There are 4 races in India.

1) Australoids

2) Dravidians(Caucasoids)

3) Mongoloids

4) Indo Aryans(Caucasoids)


1) Australoids

The Australoid race is very closely related to Australian aborigines and melanesians. They were the first waves of people who migrated to India 60,000 yrs ago.  Presently, In India, the dalits(untouchables), low caste people and the hill tribes of India are descendants of australoid people.  Australoid people also form the slum population of India.  They are people with wavy hair  lavishly distributed all over their dark bodies, long headed with low foreheads,  noses with low and broad roots, thick jaws, large palates and teeth and small chins. The Austrics of India represent a race of medium height, dark complexion with long heads and rather broad noses but otherwise of regular features. Australoids have never been mixed with other races in India because they were low caste and thus were considered inferior and unattractive by Dravidians, Indo Aryans and Mongoloids of India. Australoids are mainly seen in the Southern hill tribes of India, poor villages and are also seen in the slums in Mumbai. They are also seen in Tamilnadu and Kerala mainly in the villages as a minority. Australoids are a minority in India and they form only 25% of the Indian population.  They are widely discriminated in India and they are treated very poorly in India.

Some pics of Australoids in India:



2) Dravidians aka Mediterraneans.

The second group of immigrants who migrated to India were the Dravidians aka the Mediterranean people. They migrated to India from Eastern Mediterranean regions like Syria, Jordan, Turkey and parts of Greece roughly 4000 yrs ago. Dravidians form the majority of the population in South India. They range from pale to golden brown skin with straight shiny black hair, very large eyes, thin lips, oval shaped faces, considerable body hair and pointy prominent noses. Dravidians are classified as Mediterranean caucasians. Dravidians were the founders of city civilization of the Indus valley. Dravidians are an ancient form of the Mediterranean race. Anthropologists describe Dravidians as the ‘Mother of the Mediterranean race’. 

Some pics of Dravidians:


Famous Model and movie actress Aishwarya Rai is a dravidian(pic of her below):


More pics of Dravidians:





3) Mongoloids

These people are found in the North eastern part of India in the states of Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, and Tripura. They are also found in Northern parts of West Bengal, Sikkim, and Ladakh. Generally they are people with yellow complexion, oblique eyes, high cheekbones, flat noses, sparse hair and medium height. Mongoloids migrated to India from China 2,000 yrs ago. Mongoloids form only 3% of the Indian population.

Pics of Mongoloids in India:



4) Indo Aryans(Nordics)

This group were the last one to immigrate to India. They migrated to India from Southern Russia or Iran(I am more inclined to believe Indo aryans are from Iran because North Indians look more like Iranians and nothing like Russians) 3,500 yrs ago. They form almost all of the population of North India and Central India. Central Indians(Gujaratis) are heavily aryans wih a little mix of dravidian.  Indo aryans usually have pale skin, straight/wavy black/brown hair, dark eyes(sometimes colored eyes), thin noses, long faces with well marked chins and hairy bodies.  There are really tan/dark skinned Indo aryans too. Indo aryans are classified as Nordic caucasians. Some of these Indo aryans are mixed with Dravidians. Indo aryans are also seen in large numbers in Northern Europe in the form of blonde hair and blue/green eyes.  Indo aryans in India are a dark haired dark eyed version of the Indo aryans seen in Northern Europe.

Pic of Central Indians(Indo aryans mixed with Dravidians). Hence, their light tan skin.


Pics of Indo Aryans from North India:



In short,

Most Indians(72%) are caucasians(either Nordic or Mediterranean or a mix of both), 25% of Indians(tribal people, slums and dalits) are australoids and 3% of Indians are mongoloid.

In other words, Both Dravidians and Indo aryans(Mediterranean & Nordic) constitute 72% of the population along with Australoid people forming 25% of the Indian population and mongoloids forming only 3% of the Indian population.

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