Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Cup of Tea (or 2 or 3...)

I am sitting on the floor of my room as I write this because the wireless is just out of reach at my desk but if I sit in the doorway I can reach it just fine

So here are some of my thoughts for today.

I’m currently drinking my 3rd cup of tea. Yes, I said tea. My friends & family may be in shock over this, but I like the tea here! It’s more milky and the spices are deelicious. I don’t quite understand how one could think hot tea and 32 degrees C is a good combination but when in Rome…

Today I was taken shopping for some clothes. In Shillong I’ll be able to wear western clothes but for village trips and for other times when cultural sensitivity is required Kohima suggested I buy the common wear, called  a  Salwar Kameez (basically just a long, flowing shirt, a scarf, and pants). I’ll try post a pic of me in my new threads once I get a chance.

It seems I’ve come at an interesting time. The Muslim holiday of Eid is going to be anyday now, tonight it will be determined by the moon if it’s on Sunday or Monday. So everyone is travelling home for the holiday and the stores will be closed for a few days for the festivities. Then the Hindu holiday of Puja will be a few days after. I’m excited to take in as much as I can. But in all of this, it means that my departure for India has been delayed until the 25th of Sep. Flexibility and cross-cultural work go hand in hand But there are a few projects at the office here in Dhaka that I’ll be working on until then.

Tory and I had a bonding moment talking about our favourite movies. We both resonated with Sweet Home Alabama, I loved her description of the lead actor “ohh, he’s such a manly man!” I think we’ll get along just fine

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