Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Choosing the place and finding the sponsor

Tough ask- finding the right place,  letting the sponsor find you. Have done one, and started with another.


Tehri, Garhwal, Uttarakhand. Why-Instinct? Yes, that. It’s close enough, I think (go easy on me first-timer!). Besides from what I remember the perfect kind of place to start with. Things have to have to feel right.

Have to explore this a lot more, and zero in on exact places, meaning a lot of pre-work before the actual work. So, that’s that.


So, well wrote a proposal today. Am going to submit it to all and sundry. Lets see who responds. Am sort of newer in this aspect. MIEF is helping by pushing around, nonetheless. Don’t want to change project attributes to suit the sponsor, so that’s one thing. Let’s see though, and more importantly, hope. Ideas welcome!

Further Update:

Interviewing Acche Lal (peon from a school here in NOIDA on Saturday, excited! )

Rest, slowly edging towards things


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