Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sorry VW, That came up short

A new $10 million VW campaign was chiugging along fine in anticipation of the new Polo. This week they started off the Touareg, which is a delicious piece to look at and admire in a long ad story campaign which would again keep TV18 occupied on Sunday. But the ad comes up really short in storyline and presentation for whatever percent of the 17000 TV spots ( Get their media agency and office speak here from Storyboard ) The campaign is spread across 47 channels and I got to see it on Neo, when India got back on track on Day 1 of the SA test in Kolkata

While the characterisations are half shod and quick done, the story is patchy and school-boyish, far from the soul of the car you’d imagine to see. The print ads of course are also packaged as can’t do wrong , go along with the media splash and if the ad recognition comes negative you’d be in a bit of a leek soup at Volkswagen..

I have just been inspired to remember Lal Dupatta Malmal Ka from that ad watch. How would that make you feel in a $50,000 Car/SUV


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