Thursday, February 4, 2010

My fair lady..

Skin whitening products are beyond me. As far as big brands go, they don’t make ‘em any shallow-er. This is perhaps the only product in the world that so openly insults its customer base. It tells women that they will be judged on not only their looks, but the color of their skin. Inviting them to a whiter looking skin in less than six weeks, it very openly convinces them to reinforce the very barriers that the girls face in today’s big bad superficial world.

That this product continues to sell in our ‘enlightened’ times is mindboggling. It would make sense if one day they came out bold and said “Women want what they want. And if we want fair skin, nobody has the right to stop us from being like snow white!” This would really give a women’s empowerment angle to the product and maybe save grace. But no, the communication for this brand continues to be apologetic and passive.

Furthermore, on the other side of the globe, white women are going to tanning salons to get darker. Damn marketers, they’re such a sneaky bunch. They don’t sell brands, they sell unsatisfaction. First they convince us that we have problems, and then they convince us to buy the solutions. That’s supposed to be good news for me and my profession.

Unfortunately, I’m not convinced.

Image Credit: Big Fish Magazine


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