Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good Cow, Bad Cow

Good Cow

Bad Cow

I don’t have long to write this blog because my life is in jeopardy.

Its 8:15 pm in Jodhpur India and I am sitting outside my hotel room on an antique chair, of which the seat rests only 6″ from the ground. Yes, my knees are at my chin. My computer is perilously resting on one knee, held by one hand.

The other hand is 1/2 the time “typing”…with only one hand I think that would be hen pecking actually. The other 1/2 of the time I am swatting mosquitos. It is feeding time for the mozzies and they want me for dinner. For an appetizer they have already had a few bites from the tops of both my feet. That really got the appetite going and now they are dive bombing from all angles. Its mayham. From afar, if you were another hotel guest and were watching me, you would think I was a truly MAD individual who was swatting insanely in every direction in between her own kamakazee strikes at a keyboard. I guess this would be a good time to tell you I have never had a malaria shot. Thus the life in danger.

“Well get your a– inside!” Yes that is good advice. However, this is how dedicated I am to sharing my adventures with you. The wireless only works outside the walls of my room. Its a long story and it makes me cranky but lets leave it as a perfect example of the trials and challenges of technology in India.

That was a mouthful so now I will just leave you to “see what I saw” today. Oh and just for a little added salt to the wound, the traditional “evening dinner buffet on the lawn” entertainment has begun and not so far from where I am perched. The musicians are belting out some Top 100 traditional songs of Rajasthan right now.  Interested in their greatest hits CD? I have to finish this post before the puppet show starts or truly I might just lose what is left of my sanity. Ha, you think I am making this up! Check this out and then send your condolences to room 28.

Told ya.

This was lunch yesterday…street food at its finest… Garlic butter naan.

Naan Bread Dough

Garlic Butter Naan

What I gave up for Lent!

Sugar, pure Sugar

My Ride…                                                                                            My better judgement…

Heart These

One Bite, yum - Two Bite, porcelain god

A snapshot of Heather at work.

At Work...

At Play...

This is not Disney Delhi. This is my hotel pool. Yeah. 4Realz.



If you don’t see a blog or FB or Twit in the next 12 hrs…send for help…the mozzies have tied me down and are feasting…


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