Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Journalisn in India: The good, the bad, the ugly.

Saw “RANN” yesterday. Needless to say, the script is well-written and very aptly describes the role, media is playing currently. The obvious thing was irresponsibility on their part. There is nothing in the movie that is unpredictable.

Rann is a film that simply reiterates something you always knew. That, news is not always credible. That, the fine line between hard news and frothy entertainment is fast blurring. That, news is not brought to you by news hounds alone. There is a politician-businessman-news baron nexus at work that reduces the actual news reporter to a puppet on a chain. Not always, only sometimes. And `sensationalism’ isn’t only the new buzzword in the business of news; it’s fast becoming a synonym for it. Yes, you knew all that. And Rann doesn’t really want to tell a different story. It’s the way of narration that appeals. More importantly, it’s the performances that pump life and blood into the characters you recognize, lock, stock and barrel.

Anyhow this article is not about the movie but about the dark truth that is shown. This planning and plotting of news has set me thinking.

  • What if this is not just an exaggeration of the script?
  • What if media personnel are involved in high end politics?
  • Is media responsible enough in carrying out its duties?
  • Should there be a law to restrict the surging powers of media?

I remember a dialogue from movie Spiderman: “With great powers, comes great responsibility”. This phrase is not only applicable to super-humans but to every other person also who is able. What started as a revolution in journalism is now a powerful entity in itself and more importantly independent.  Now it is their responsibility to report the news and not the views. With the channels going on air 24X7, its hard to sustain with news only leave alone the matter and content. They have burdened themselves with competition of being No 1, which is not healthy anymore. Their vision is blurred with power and money. The credibility of sting operations they do is doubtful. Their ways of reporting everything quickly sometimes go bizarre. No proof is sought after; the news in crude form is presented to the viewers. Both the fact and fiction is aired and it becomes hard for us to differentiate most of the times.

Many a times I see them airing the videos that are downloaded from youtube.com or like and making it a matter of discussion. What a shame? Is this the level of journalism in India? What’s been shown in Rann is very much likely to happen in reality or who knows if it’s already happening. I have always criticized the way media is behaving and misusing its powers.

I have my friends in media circle (I prefer not to take names) to whom I always give the feedback but they say it is not possible to rollback now. It’s a one-on-one competition now. It they sit back others will takeover. So in short, they are also playing dumb-ass and are o-k with it. What can anyone do if they do not want to be responsible towards journalism, towards India, towards self? One interesting fact is that there show is watched by the society also. People like to know the gossips, their future. My own mother refers and follows the astrologists who come on different news channels and predict the future and even tell your future if demanded. Hotline, SMS, email; all sort of technological advancement is applied to make sure the availability and awareness of shows to masses.

Is this what India needs? Spreading superstition saying people want it is no way of getting away from wrong.

  • What should be done to wake them up from this siesta?
  • Is there any law which governs the flow of news and its authenticity?
  • How can we make them feel responsible for their action?

These are a few questions that need to be answered and a proper solution be implemented before its too late to handle.

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