Sunday, December 13, 2009

Worst and Best of the West

(Audrey) While stuck in Delhi traffic a few days ago, I had occasion to meditate on this sign on the back of the SUV in front of me. It struck me as a bit flawed in its construction. Are winning and fun really the only two options? Not to be a hopeless idealist or anything, but there seem to be a variety of other deeper goals one might give as being at the core of one’s life… And why two exclamation points? Of course, this is a Western saying and you gotta love that its on an SUV… perhaps the worst of the West come to India?

On a not totally unrelated note, check out this liquor store I discovered today—

To Western eyes, this store may appear normal enough. But note the clean floor, the glass shelves, the nicely stacked rows of bottles. This ain’t easy to come by in India. Here even ‘angrezi sharab’ stores, i.e. Western liquor stores, are more likely to be holes in the wall than anything else. And when you enter the land of ‘desi sharab’, i.e. Indian liquor, it’s a dark path to the bottom. I hesitate to say the best of the West, but the idea of well-lit, well-stocked, pleasant liquor stores I find to be a positive contribution to the sub-continent.


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