Tuesday, December 29, 2009

INDIA, Jaipur ….. Ladli….”loving girl”

Tues 29th Dec 2009

We went to Ladli www.ladli.org today a vocational training centre in Jaipur for abused, orphaned and destitute girls, it also provides shelter, education and medical care to children living and working on the street.

We met and chatted to some of the lovely girls who now have a normal and positive life ahead of them thanks to Abha Goswami, the founder. They were involved in jewelry making, which you can buy there and from their website as above amongst other craftwork. All revenue goes to the children, who also now have their own individual bank accounts which gives them a sense of worth that they never had before. It is a very inspiring place and a joy to see and I for one will be supporting them when I return to the UK.

Giving to begging and performing kids on the streets is not the answer, but here is a way to help put right a problem that has over the years got out of hand in India today. This marvelous charity puts 100% of all donations into helping the children, there are absolutely no deductions for administration or similar expenses.

[Via http://latreloar.wordpress.com]

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