Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Around the Web: World AIDS Day Edition

Today marks the 21st annual observance of World AIDS Day. The global community is marking the day with calls to action, and efforts to heighten awareness:

  • President Jacob Zuma has announced a major policy shift for South Africa (the country with the highest number of people living with HIV): “South Africa will treat all HIV-positive babies and expand testing” (Associated Press)
  • Getty CEO Jonathan Klein weighs in on the power of images in combating stigma surrounding AIDS (Huffington Post)
  • The U.S. continues to fund the fight against AIDS in Vietnam, where stigma around the disease is still very strong (Dallas Morning News)
  • Family members of HIV-positive patients are applauding the lifting of the U.S.’s 22-year-old HIV travel ban (Chicago Tribune)
  • In India, new HIV infections are down by about 100,000/year (Sify News)
  • Organizations including the San Antonio AIDS Foundation are working to meet the needs of homeless Americans living with HIV/AIDS (San Antonio News)
  • After bringing HIV/AIDS education to a Pittsburgh juvenile detention center, Schweitzer Fellow Meredith Dixon traveled to the Schweitzer Hospital in Africa and helped to establish a pediatric HIV treatment program (Beyond Boulders)

[Via http://schweitzerfellowship.wordpress.com]

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