Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why we Indians are like this!!

No, I do not hate my country! I am an as proud citizen of India as you are. However sometimes I do think of where my country is going. Yes, India  has made tremendous progress in the last two decades. Today when India does the talk, the world stands up and listens. Clocking 7.9% growth in times when most other economies are shrinking aint no ordinary feat. India is a part of so many world forums (G8 et all) and India is expected to fulfil its responsibility at these forums in all important decisions ( Free Trade, Climate Change …). As it is said, when people begin to expect from you, you are a grown up. India has really matured in industry, services, trade, foreign relations and what not!

But pause a second and reflect on this: Can we say the same thing when it comes to fulfilling the social responsibilities within the country? Isn’t it shameful that we project our country as the epitome of secularism, at the same time we have some of the most bloody and heinous riots in our country? Aren’t we responsible for giving birth to Maoists (whom our Home Minister categorises as an as acute threat as the external one). What can one expect from the people when leaders like Madhu Koda siphon off the state money to their bank accounts. Will such a leader have the time to think of the public when he is busy thinking of methods to invest his black money? Jharkhand was envisioned as a state which would serve its people, the tribals and see what the state leaders have made of their own state! So whose fault is it, aren’t we a part of it because we select our leaders based on cast and religion? In the recent assembly elections in Maharashtra , the party championing the cause of “Marathi Manoos” at the peril of bhaiyyas of UP and Bihar, won 13 seats while the issues of development were relegated to the background. Even Haryana voted for caste and family instead of development. Why will such representatives take the pain of working for development when the voters themselves are not concerned?

When will we become socially responsible ? Exercising our franchise is one of the fundamental social responsibilities. We should not only cast our vote but caste it for the right person.



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