Saturday, December 5, 2009

a little help, goes a long way

Today is a special day for AMURT Portugal. In 2006, in a very casual and simple way, we started a sponsorship-at-distance program, for orphans and poor children in India. We called it SOS India. It has been growing steadily, and recently this year we started helping 6 other schools in Bangladesh.

Today is a special day because we are taking this project and our commitment one step further. In a few hours I’ll introduce to the public our SOS Africa program, which is going to start by sponsoring children in Mozambique and Ghana. I’m very happy that we are extending our program to have a broader reach, and I hope we will find many generous people who will be willing to participate and help us.

Interesting stuff of the day

  • Britain’s “Big Brother” surveillance program getting even more 1984-ish. Cash prizes for catching criminals on CCTVs.
  • Eye Tracking study – a guideline for web forms design


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