Saturday, November 14, 2009

Children's Day...Remembering Jawahar Nehru...and children love it....

Childrens Day in India marks the birth anniversary of Jawahar Nehru,,,the first prime minister of Independant India. Every year it is celebrated on 14th of november. It reflects the love and affection that Nehru had towards children. He had a special love and passion towards children though he was the first citizen of a nation and children reciprocated him with lots of love towards him….they called him Chacha. Even today the children celebrate this special day, enjoy and remember Nehru chacha and his vision…. of kids growing up to become mature and high thinking individuals where they come together and put hand in hand to build a dream nation. Nehru had a vision that proper and constructive idea’s should be sown in the minds of our children right from their innocent days of their childhood. This enables them to grow up with optimistic dreams and courage to fulfil them. This surely will form a strong foundation towards building a nation in all the fronts.

Children are like the flowers of the garden and all of us like to have these flowers blossoming for ever in the garden of our lives. No children….no life. We all have have a sweet innocent and a loving child in all of us…and we lose that child as we grow. We should all pledge on this day that we not only should care about children we have around….but also care about the child within us and keep it alive for ever. This enables us to live happily with whatever life gives us. We can keep ourselves off the unwanted stress and think positively towards a better future and a quality life. This is possible if we keep our minds clean and clear as that of a child.

We try to teach our children about a lot of things what they should do and what not always. But do we ever think in the direction of our children? Children now are very promising and many time those talents and instincts are either lost or we curb it when they are budding. Children of today’s generation are very talented much more than us as they are influenced by the effects of the pacing evolutions. The way they think and the way they act are totally different from what we or our ancestors used to do. We are either egoistic or are the victims of generation gap that we do not understand the visions of our children…might be that their ideas are too mature for us to understand. They are a different generation and we shall try to learn from them too in the process of teaching them. Lets be open and clear by minds and soul. When our children have the potential….why dont we try to channelize them in a proper way and aid them to better their lives…then what we are leading?

Every important day is celebrated with a hidden message. Often we either ignore or neglect it. We will take the message right from the childrens day…Childrens day is not only meant for the children. It is for us also. Life is a stream of thought process which need to be chanellised in various directions at various stages of life. We shall not limit the day for providing sweets to the child, giving speeches or preparing the children to speak about the importance of the day in a given time, telling stories of Nehru whom they have never seen. Rather we shall try to implement the qualities of those gread leaders in the life our children. We shall sit with them and speak out openly as to what they want. Its not that we should fulfil all that they ask for. But we can tell them that some things what they are thinking good is the otherway. If we convey it in a smoother way…and children can surely understand. We shall try to fill in the best colors so that the dreams of our children come out realistic….and its not different from our happiness….isnt it? Try not to curb or insult the thoughts of your child..however small and stupid they may appear…try to understand them…..value it….who knows tomorrow shall be theirs….and you will be proud of being there in their lives when they needed the most.

The rest of the thing is Childrens day…..and children love it…….Allow your children to enjoy and have fun along with their basics and education…keep them physically and mentally fit for the challenges of life. See your happiness in their innocent smiles…

There they are………….!!!!!! Arent their smiles beautiful……………………??????

Happy Children’s Day to all of you………….Keep the child in you alive……………..

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