Sunday, November 1, 2009

Any more terror attack from Pak will be retaliated: PC

Taking a tough stance, Home Minister P Chidambaram has warned Pakistan against meddling in India’s affairs and said any more terror attack from that country will be retaliated “very strongly”.

Chidambaram said he has been warning Pakistan not to play with India and that the Mumbai attacks should be the “last game”.

“We have been gaining strength day by day to counter terrorism from across the border. I have been warning Pakistan not to play games with us. (I have told them that) the last game should be Mumbai attacks. Stop it there,” he told a public meeting in Madurai on Saturday night.

“If terrorists and militants from Pakistan try to carry out any attack in India, they will not only be defeated but will be retaliated very strongly,” he said in his speech in


Chidambaram said India would retaliate strongly against any attempt by Pakistan to send infiltrators into India and “we have strength to tackle any such infiltration”.

He said he had been consistently warning Pakistan against meddling in India’s affairs but if they continued to do so, “we will deal with them strongly”.

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