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Of the millions of companies in India, only a few thousand are exciting to track. These are the companies that are backed by successful founders and leaders. These are the companies that professionals wish to watch, network with and participate in.

However, at present, there is no database dedicated to these enterprises. (c2w) was created with the purpose of filling this void.

c2w is backed by a top-end professional with over four decades of Research, Industry and Information Field experience. Compiled with the objective to provide advisory and information services in the above space, this resource is maintained by tracking daily events in companies, business and industry.

c2w covers private and public, national and India-specific international companies, from all sectors and has in it:

20,000+ companies, products & services

25,000+ founders, leaders & contacts

25+ daily new additions

For details, please contact c2w.

With advisory and information services from (c2w):

• Founders and Successful Professionals,

(a) Network with your peers

• Top-End Sales and Marketing Executives,

(a) Achieve wider market reach

(b) Establish contact with High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs)

• Export Managers,

(a) Build export market through extensive use of Internet resources

• HR Professionals,

(a) Identify highly successful professionals for the top slots

Please contact c2w for further details or for any custom requirement. (c2w)

Founders and Successful Professionals: Network with your peers

It is essential to know the founders and successful professionals of the most-watched private and public companies in your and related sectors for better:

• Networking

• Added perspective and vision of one’s sector

• Succession planning of your top-end executives

• Business restructuring etc.

c2w’s comprehensive database of founders and top professionals covers not only national companies but also international companies with present or future interests in India. Data from this daily updated database could be your best business asset.

For details, please contact c2w. (c2w)

Top End Sales and Marketing Executives: Achieve wider market reach

c2w maintains and updates a well structured primary most watched happening public and private company’s database by tracking daily events in business and industry and researching primary web sites. The database covers all sectors and provides details of dynamic national and international companies in operation, about to start and under planning in India. The database has around 20,000 companies from all sectors with another 25-50 new dynamic companies and decision makers added daily.


c2w is in a position to provide details of decision makers and contact details of companies which are most potential targets for your products and services for enabling you to penetrate untouched markets. c2w allows you to catch the dynamic companies when they are young and possibly unnoticed by your competitors.

Please contact c2w for details. (c2w)

Top End Sales and Marketing Executives: Establish contact with High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs’)

c2w has created India’s first well-structured HNI primary database by tracking wealthy founders, promoters and top end successful management professionals and researching primary websites. The database currently features over 10,000 HNIs’ with 5-10 new additions daily.

The database is most useful for marketing sophisticated and high-valued products such as:

• Luxury Homes,

• High End Cars and Bikes,

• Designer Watches,

• Diamond Studded Gold and Platinum Jewelry,

• Designer Outfits and

• Financial Services

Please contact c2w for details. (c2w)

Export Managers: Build exports through extensive Internet resources

c2w is well experienced in preparing a comprehensive “Export Market Development report” on a specific product or group in a specific country or a region through in-depth Internet research and close interaction with you. The broad report generally comprise of:

(1) Exporters from India including domestic scenario

(2) Export promotion and other Government Bodies

(3) Associations in the Exporting Country

(4) Details of major producers of the Product in the importing country

(5) Details of associations to which importers are members

(6) List of Potential direct or indirect importers including contact details

(7) Suggested International Trade Fairs/Exhibitions for participation

(8) Product promotion through credible Internet sites

(9) List of Government bodies that are connected with importation

(10) Statistics on imports where available

For details, please contact c2w. (c2w)

HR Professionals: Identify the right professional for the top slot

Many successful top-end executives neither respond to advertisements nor register into job portals. They respond to invitations. This may often force you to select less appropriate professionals for the top slots in case you follow the usual advertisement and portal routes. (c2w) has created a comprehensive database of the most successful professionals from private and public companies. The database currently offers:

• 20,000 successful leaders

• 10-20 daily additions

c2w can help you short-list professionals who are best-suited for your sector, product line etc. Needless to say, your communication will be kept strictly confidential.

Please contact c2w for your requirements.

Sectors: covered by (c2w):

1. Advertising and Media

2. Agriculture and Livestock

3. Chemical

4. Construction

5. Consumer and Retail Products

6. Diversified Company or Group

7. Education


Unique Courses

8. Government Departments including Defense and Miscellaneous

9. Electrical and Electronics

10. Engineering including Equipments

11. Finance

12. Hospitality

13. Information Technology





14. Mining and Metallurgy

15. Services to Business and Industry

16. Textile

17. Transport

Sectors covered by (c2w):

Advertising and Media

(Glimpse of coverage)

Active Associations



Brand Management

Event Management



Government Bodies

Media Equipments and Accessories

Media Market Research


Print and Electronic Publishing

Print Media

Public Relations

Radio and Television

Satellite Communication Services

Software for Advertising and Media

Sectors covered by (c2w):

Agriculture and Livestock

(Glimpse of coverage)

Active Associations

Agricultural Crops


Bio-Diesel and Bio-Ethanol



Coffee and Tea


Crop Biotechnology


Edible Oils

Farm Equipments

Fertilizers and nutrients

Flowers and Florists

Food Processors

Fruits, Vegetables and Processing

Government Bodies

High Breed Seeds

Milk co-operatives and Dairy Products

Paper Industry

Poultry Breeding

Research Institutes

Rubber and Rubber Products

Soya and Corn based Products


Storage and Warehousing



Veterinary Products

Sectors covered by (c2w):


(Glimpse of coverage)

Active Associations



Chemical Engineering & Technology

Dyes and Dyestuffs

Environment related



Food chemicals


Government Bodies

Inorganic Chemicals

Laboratory Chemicals and Supplies

Oil and Gas

Paints and Pigments

Paper and Inks


Polymers, Plastics and Rubber

Soaps and Detergents

Specialty Chemicals

Sugar and Molasses

Sectors covered by (c2w):


(Glimpse of coverage)

Active Associations

Architecture and Civil Engineering

Building Materials and Fittings

Air conditioners

Cement, Concrete and Sand

Electronic Security

Flooring Materials

Home Appliances

Insulation Products


Lighting Fixtures


Business Space Solutions

Construction Chemicals


Construction Equipments

Developers and Builders

Developers-Shops and Malls

Fire and Safety

Government Bodies


Interior Decoration

Lifts and Escalators

Prefabricated Houses

Property Consultancy

Realty Finance

Research, Consultancy and Advisory Services

Sectors covered by (c2w):

Consumer and Retail Products

(Glimpse of coverage)

Active Associations

Air Conditioners

All Retail Outlets


Bakery and Biscuit Products



Branded and Packaged Foods

Breweries, Liquors and Beverages



Consumer Durables, Others

Consumer Electronics

Craftsmen’s products

Dairy and Dairy Products

Designer Boutiques

Domestic LPG

Edible Oils

Fabrics and Garments

Fashion Retail

Floral Enterprises


Food Processors and Food Products


Government Bodies

Greeting Cards

Home Appliances

Household Upholstery and Furniture


Leather Goods

Luxury Watches


Packaged Water


Poultry Products



Writing Instruments

Sectors covered by (c2w):

Diversified Company or Group

A group or company engaged in activities in different segments of commerce or industry is grouped under this sector. Tata, Aditya V Birla and Reliance Groups are good examples

Sectors covered by (c2w):


(Glimpse of coverage)


Beauty and Health

Cancer Research

Clinical Research and Education

Dental Science

Healthcare Management Course


Hospital Administration

Laparoscopic Surgery Research and Training Centre

Medical Academy

Medical Laboratory and Technology




Public Health


Sectors covered by (c2w):

Education-Unique Courses

(Glimpse of coverage)

Airlines Related

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Airhostess Academy

Pilot Training Centre

Apparel Training and Design Centre

Architect and Construction Management

Corporate Training School

Design Institute

Education in Gaming and Animation Applications

Film & Television Media Arts Institutes

Finance related

Courses in Foreign Trade and Microfinance

Insurance and Actuarial Science Courses

Vocational courses in Banking and Financial Services

Finishing School, Online

Fire and Safety and Elevator Technology Courses

Flying Training School

Footwear Design and Product Development Certificate Course

Global Accent Training Program


Bar Tending

Carving for Chefs





Guest Service

Health Management

House Keeping


Master Chef






Institute for Solar Energy Systems

Institute of Air Science and Contamination Control

Management Leadership

Online Tutoring and Test Preparation in the United States and United Kingdom

Photography Education

Policy and Rural Management

Steel Centered Management Institute

Telecom Management

Textile Management Institute

Tool Room

Sectors covered by (c2w):

Electrical and Electronics

(Glimpse of coverage)

Active Associations

Alternate Energy: Biomass, Solar and Wind


Cables and Insulators


Consumer Electronics


Government Bodies


Oil & Gas

Power Generation: Hydro, Nuclear and Thermal

Power Transmission and Distribution

Process Control, Automation and Instrumentation

Semiconductors and Chips

Software Applications for Energy Sector

Sectors covered by (c2w):

Engineering including Equipments

(Glimpse of coverage)

Active Associations

Air-conditioning Systems, Chilling Plants, Coolers and Radiators

Assembly Plants

Auto Ancillaries

Auto Component Manufacturers

Automation Equipments

Bakery Machinery


Bulk Material Handling

Capital Goods

Castings, Extrusions, Forged Parts and Stampings

Chain Producers

Chip Production Machinery

Color Dispensing Machinery

Compressors and Pumps

Construction Equipments Producers


Cooling Towers


Defense and Electronic Equipments

Design and Engineering

Drip Irrigation Systems

Engineering Consultancy

Equipment suppliers to Power and Railway sectors

Equipment Suppliers to Transmission and Distribution Sector

Farm Equipments


Government Bodies

Hospital Furniture

Industrial Equipments

Lifts and Escalators

Machinery for Agriculture

Machinery for Healthcare Industry

Machine Tools

Material Handling Equipments

Metal Forming

Mining Equipments

Packaging Machinery

Technology Plants

Vending Machines

Sectors covered by (c2w):

Government Departments including Defense and Miscellaneous

(Glimpse of coverage)

Ambassadors, Consulates, High Commissions, Trade Commissions

Art Auction House


Carbon Fund

Crackers and Fire Works

Defense Equipment Suppliers

Defense Research and Development

Diving Courses


Fitness Clubs

Government Authorities and Regulatory Bodies

Online Delivery of Pooja Kits

Online Library


Religious Places



Tattoo Joint

Tourism Boards


Sectors covered by (c2w):


(Glimpse of coverage)


Active Associations

Angel Partners

Asset Management

Audit, Consulting, Financial Advisory and Tax

Banking and Financial Software


Commercial Bank


Equity Fund Management

Equity Research

Finance and Investment

Finance for Infrastructure and Realty

Financial Information Services

Financial Services

General Insurance

Government Bodies

Health Insurance

Healthcare Investment

Insurance and Actuarial science

Investment Bank

Law Company

Micro Financing

Mobile Banking

Mutual Fund

Portfolio Management

Private Equity

Property Consultancy

Retail Asset Finance


Transaction Banking Solutions

Transaction Processing

Wealth Management Services

Venture Capital

Sectors covered by (c2w):


(Glimpse of Coverage)

Active Associations

Analytical Equipments and Services

API and Pharmaceutical Formulations




Chemists and Druggists

Clinical Research


Consulting & Support Services

Contract Research

Dental Science

Diagnostic Products

Drug Testing and Research

Government Bodies

Health Insurance

Hospitals of All Types

Laboratory Ware

Life Science

Medical Academy and Research Centers

Medical and Bio-Medical Devices and Equipments

Medical Educational & Research Institutions

Medical Equipments

Medical Science

Nursing Homes

Nursing Science


Packaging Machinery

Packaging Materials




Stem cell Banks

Sectors covered by (c2w):


(Glimpse of coverage)

Active Associations

Auditing Solutions to Restaurants

Beauty Clinics, Spa and Gyms



Government Bodies

Hotel Administration

Hotel and Tourism Courses

Hotel Consultancy

Hotel Equipments

Hotel Management

Hotels of All Types

Online Hotel Reservation

Resorts of All Types

Restaurants of All Types

Serviced Apartments

Software Applications for Hospitality Sector

Spa Institutes

Tour Operators

Travel Agents

Travel Agents, Logistics and Tourism Services

Travel Facilitators

Travel Management Services

Travel Portals

Yachts and Cruises

Sectors covered by (c2w):

Information Technology-Communication

(Glimpse of coverage)

Active Associations

Audio Conferencing Facility

Communication Enabled Services

Communication Technology Platforms

Dual Handsets

Enterprise Communication Solutions

Government Bodies

Integrated Mobile Applications

IP Telephony


Mobile Banking

Mobile Content

Mobile ERP

Mobile Hardware

Mobile Marketing and Campaign Solutions

Mobile Music Retailers

Mobile Payments

Mobile Platforms

Mobile Services

Mobile Solution

Mobile Technology

Mobile Telephone Services

Mobile Transaction Solutions

Optical Fiber


Satellite Communication Services


Telecom Application Platforms

Telecom End to End Services

Telecom Equipments

Telecom Infrastructure

Telecom Products

Training in Telecom

Wireless Applications Development

Wireless Communication

Sectors covered by (c2w):

Information Technology-Hardware

(Glimpse of coverage)

Active Associations

Application for Converting One Computer into Two

Authorized Dealers, Distributors and Channel Partners

Chips and ICs

Computer and Computer Peripherals

Computer Components








Cooling Solutions from Desktop to Datacenter


Digital Imaging Supplies, Consumables and Service Business

Document Storage and Management

Education and Training

Government Bodies

Imaging Solutions

Information Technology Infrastructure Solution


Office Peripherals

Power Protection Products



Storage Products

System Integration

Thin Client Computing


Virtual Desk Tops

Virtual Servers

Sectors covered by (c2w):

Information Technology-Network

(Glimpse of coverage)

Active Associations

ATM Infrastructure

Broadband Service

Cooling Solutions

Digital Infrastructure for Networks

Ethernet Technology and Products

Gateway Security

Government Bodies

Internet Services

Internet Solutions

Network Cabling

Network Design

Network Management

Network Products and Services

Networked Video Management and Recording Software


Networking Equipments and Components

Networking Solutions

Optical Networking

Rack Management

Radio Infrastructure Solutions

Router Clustering Technology

Routers and Switches

Routing Platforms

Server Administration

Service Portals

Trading Exchange

WAN Application

Wireless Broadband

Wireless Network

Sectors covered by (c2w):

Information Technology-Software

(Glimpse of coverage)

Active Associations

Aerospace Solutions

Animation and Content Development

Animation, Multimedia and Gaming

Anti Spy ware

Anti Tool Kit Applications

Anti Virus Software

Auditing Solutions to Hotels and Restaurants

Automatic Speech Recognition

Automation Solutions

Automotive e-Retailing Solutions

Automotive Software

Banking and Financial Software Testing


Business Application Services

Communications Software

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

Consulting and Training Company

CRM Solutions

Customer Engagement Management Solutions

Data and Physical Security

Development of Tools for Analysis of DNA Sequencing

Digital Design Software

Disaster Recovery

Document Management

Domain Specific Applications

Domain Specific Merchandising Solutions

Electronic Health Record Solutions

End-to-End Game Development

Engineering Simulation Software

Enterprise Communication Solutions

Enterprise Software

Enterprise Statistical Analytics

E-Payment Solutions

ERP Solutions

Gateway Security Software

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Government Bodies

Healthcare IT Services

Hotel Management software

HR Management Solutions

Identity Management

Insurance Solutions


Laboratory Automation Software

Learning Solutions

Lease and Asset Management Solutions

Life Science Products Solution

Mobile Phone Solutions


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions

Publishing Solutions

Supply Chain Management

Textile Design Software

Ticketing Portals


Transaction Banking Solutions

Travel Portals

Video Management and Recording

VLSI Design

Web Analytics

Web Design and Development

Sectors covered by (c2w):

Mining and Metals

(Glimpse of coverage)

Active Associations

Alloys, Metals (Ferrous & Non-ferrous)

Boiler Tubes and Pipes

Cast, Extruded and Rolled Products

Coal and Coke

Consulting and Engineering

Earth Moving and Mining Equipments

Equipments for the Mineral and Metal Industries

Ferro Alloys

Ferrous Foundry

Foundry Equipment and Products

Government Bodies

Heat Treatment Equipments

Integrated Iron and Steel Plants

Metal Cookware

Metal Preparation

Metal Trading


Mineral Processing

Non-ferrous Metals

Ores and Minerals

Precious Metals

Rare Earth


Sponge Iron

Steel and Steel Products

Welding Consumables and Equipment

Sectors covered by (c2w):

Services to Business and Industry

(Glimpse of coverage)

Active Associations, Chambers and Federations

Advisory Services

Business Process Outsourcing

Business services, others


Corporate Training Schools

Courier Service


Exhibition Management

Fire and Safety Training

Foundations and Trusts Relating to Business

Government Bodies

Hospitality Business Management

Hotel Management

HR Services

Information Services

Information Technology Enabled Services

Insurance Services

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Law Firms

Legal Process Outsourcing


Management Consultancy Firms

Market Research

Property Management


Sectors covered by (c2w):


(Glimpse of coverage)

Active Associations

Apparel and Garment Manufacturers

Architectural Products

Bed Linen Producers

Cloth, Grey

Composite Textile Mills

Designer Boutiques

Fabric Care Products

Fabrics-Cotton, Decorative, Knitted, Printed

Fashion Accessories

Fashion Schools

Garment Hanger Designer and Manufacturer

Government Bodies

Home Furnishings

Home Resources-Bedroom, Dining, Upholstery

Integrated Textile Solutions

Information Technology Consultancy to Textile Units



Lungis and Dhotis

Mall Developers

Merchandising Solutions

Polyester Chips


Retail Chains

Retail-Apparel, Brands, Fashion, Garments, Lifestyle

Silk-Sericulture, Tasar, Sarees

Spinning Mills


Textile Machinery

Towel Manufacturer

Wear-Casual, Inner, Kids, Knit


Yarn-Bleached, Blended Dyes Spun, Cotton, Dyed, Filament, Spun Greige, Synthetic

Yarn-Bleached, Dyed

Sectors covered by (c2w):


(Glimpse of coverage)

Airlines and Related

Aeronautical Research and Development

Aerospace Engineering Services

Air Cargo

Aircraft Manufacturer

Aircraft, Maintenance, Training Centre

Airhostess Academy

Airline Booking Portal

Airline Maintenance


Airport Cities

Aviation Academy

Aviation Consultancy

Aviation Recruitment

Air Cargo Agents

Cargo Airliner

Cargo Handling Solutions

Charter Operators

Consolidation Service

Container Freight

Containers Handling

Flying Training School

Helicopter Design and Manufacturing

IATA Travel Agency

Non-schedule Air Operator

Automotive and Related

Air Brake Actuation Systems

Auto Additives and Car Care Products

Auto Ancillaries

Auto Component Manufacturer

Auto LPG

Automobile Company

Automobile Dealers

Automobile Producers, Car, SUV, Truck, Bus

Automobile Systems and Components

Automotive Company

Automotive Consulting

Automotive e-Retailing

Automotive Software

Axles to Vehicles


Bio-Ethanol and Bio-Diesel

Car and Limousine Rental

Cycle Manufacturer

Distributors of Automobile Spare Parts and Accessories


Electric Bikes

Electric Car

Electric Two Wheeler

Fuel Injection Systems

Fuel Tank Supplier

Gearboxes and Gear Motors

Global Positioning System Technology

Nylon Cord

OEM Supplier to Automobile Industry

Oil Coolers, Radiators

Piston and Piston Rings

Power Train, Chassis System

Radio Taxi Service

Ride Control Products and Engine Bearings

Safety Management Systems

Sales and Servicing Network

Supplier of Automobile Body Structure

Three Wheelers

Two Wheelers

Two Wheelers, Battery Run

Tire Manufacturer

Used Cars

Wheel Rims

Wiper Systems


Metro Rail

Railway Equipment Manufacturer

Train Contact Wire

Ship and Related

Crew and Ship Management Services

Cruise Ships

Greenfield Shipyard

River Transport Company

Sea Transportation

Seaworthy Inflatable

Ship Broking House

Ship Builders, Repairers and Engineers

Ship Building Yard

Ship Management Company


Shipping Agency

Shipping Consultancy

Shipping Services


Courier Service

End to End Transportation Solutions

Express Delivery

Integrated Logistics Solutions

Logistics Company

Supply Chain and Logistics

Surface Transportation

Third Party Logistics


Active Associations

Government Bodies

For more details, please contact:

Trade, Technology & Projects

90, 1st Main, S B M Colony



560 024



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