Thursday, March 18, 2010

Facebook starts hiring at all levels for its office at Hyderabad, India

Social networking site Facebook is all set to establish its support centre at India’s Silicon Valley 2 – Hyderabad. And what’s more, Facebook is already on a hiring spree for its office in Hyderabad. The social networking site founded in 2004 has more than 400 million active users and still counting.

Facebook’s office at Hyderabad would be its first in Asia and worlds fourth support centre following Palo Alto, California; Dublin; and Austin, Texas. Hyderabad office has been announced in view of providing multilingual and round the clock service to Facebook users and advertisers. “The Hyderabad office is expected to provide a round-the-clock multilingual support to its ever-growing user base,” the release said.


Facebook’s decision to set up its office in India and mainly Hyderabad could be attributed to a number of reasons. Firstly, the site has a commendable more than 8 million user base in India.

A support centre in India would enable Facebook to provide support across multiple time zones in view of its rapid international growth.Hydeabad with a vast IT base and software culture proved an ideal choice.” We’re proud to now call America’s Lone Star State and India’s City of Pearls home.” Don Faul, director, global online operations, Facebook said in a statement


From its establishment back in 2004, Facebook has grown by leaps and bounds. The website has penetrated into every corner of the world with more than 70 translations on the site.70% of Facebook users are based outside US. Facebook ha a mind boggling 100 million active users accessing the site through their mobiles.


Facebook is currently looking to hire professionals for various positions starting next week. The positions include local language specialists, online sales managers and IT security heads.

The company is on a lookout for post of India Head. Describing the candidate profile, Don Faul said, “We will start small. Currently, we are looking for a person who can set up an India team and scale it up. The required skill sets obviously include strong insights into consumer internet experience. We also need the person to be intensely passionate about Facebook. The person should strengthen relations with our advertisers and partners in India and support those in North America and Western Europe out of here.”



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