Thursday, March 4, 2010

H1N1 Swine Flu Virus Vaccination to Begin in India Next Week

Today, news portal of India writes about H1N1 swine flu virus vaccination, “Mass vaccinations against the deadly H1N1 swine flu virus are likely to begin in India next week. The 1.5 million doses of vaccines imported by the government from Sanofi Pasteur have passed the safety test.”

The vaccine has been testified by Drug Controller General of India on Wednesday. About it the news portal writes, “The French vaccine manufacturers submitted the results of their clinical bridge study — conducted in Delhi and Pune on 100 adult subjects — to the Drug Controller General of India on Wednesday. The trials were completed on February 21. The results were then checked thoroughly in Lyon before being submitted to DCGI.”

On the other hand, Dr Surinder Singh of DCGI said to TOI, “The trials of the vaccine have proven its safety profile. By Friday, we will vet the results and give its clearance for use on humans in India. By next week, the vaccination should begin.”

Union health ministry officials also have said, “10 lakh doses of the vaccine will be sent to all Central government hospitals for administering on all frontline health workers and those at highest risk of getting infected.”

About the availability of the vaccine the news portal writes, “India’s indigenous H1N1 vaccine is expected to be available by April 15 and could cost between Rs 80 and Rs 100.”

About the impact of the vaccine the news paper writes, “No vaccine is 100% safe for everyone. People with allergies to eggs, for example, can’t take flu vaccines because eggs are involved in the manufacturing process.” This is the statement of experts.

We already have published a Swine Flu graph in our previous post of Health Awareness blog. Now, the graph of H1N1 has spread to 210 countries. Only in India, the virus has infected over 29,710 people. Among them about 1,376 has been killed.

I think the vaccine will surly be effective because till now over 300 million people have been vaccinated globally. In India, the price of vaccine is also very affordable.


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