Sunday, August 30, 2009

One week left.

All right.

So I do have about 10 days until I depart for India.  Days are going be quickly and slowly, and I’m soaking up the laughter with my dear friends and family.

My malaria medicine–thankfully–isn’t giving me side effects anymore.  The first night was quite hellish, but I’ve been unaffected since.  Which is  a kind of blessing, seems like.

I feel like I should be reading more and more about where I’m going, but I’ve been doing that for the longest time, I don’t think reading anymore about it is going to help me.  I’ve seen movies and documentaries about India, and there’s just no way I’ll actually be prepared.  I just have to go.  Be there.

Goodnight, if you’re on the West Coast.

Good-late-night, if you’re on the East Coast.

Good evening, if you’re in Hawaii.

Good morning, if you’re in Europe.

Good afternoon, if you’re in India.


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