Monday, August 31, 2009

aromatic adventures

the smell permeates my humble coach house. that is this most interesting kala chana dish. and since i don’t have a pressure cooker, the beans are taking a long time to break down & cook. but the smell is intoxicating.

4 hours + 10 hours soaking, i patiently wait for this intense experience.

i found this shelf in the trash. and found the perfect use for it-arranging my growing spice collection. after re-arranging my entire kitchen, i practically danced while cooking this aromatic dish. we were only going to have a little taste because we wanted to wait until the next day so it would mush up a little bit more. no such luck. even though it had a crunchy texture, the flavor was completely MIND-BLOWING

world class. kala chana has sparked my interest in other strange & wonderful dried beans & legumes. bye bye canned beans, hello pressure cooker.

i’m off to tarjay…


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