Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mughal dreams and good names

So, 4 days into the trip and I am proud to announce that this is officially the longest time I had gone without a hairdryer since… well, since I started using one! I have gone all native.

Today, I saw scenes right out of the arabian nights. Today, I climbed to the top of one of the hills surrounding Jaipur and was all alone looking down at the busy squares below me. Today, I got lost in the secret passages of the palaces from the Mughal past. Today, I improved my hindi.

I really can’t quite describe the amazing things I saw, so here goes my best shot. Imagine rocky hills that stretch in all directions around you. There is a wall, very much like the wall in the far east though not as long I suppose, that snakes through these hills. And rising from one of the tallest hills, there sits a palace, very much like the one from aladdin or ali baba, gleaming white from the hot afternoon sun, with its intricately carved towers and beautiful balconies. The roads leading up to it zig zags upwards and look, there are even elephants!

Oh, alright. Maybe a photo then.

And another one from the top.

I also saw queen’s apartments, the king’s chambers, courtyards and gardens and ponds and all the wealth (of the past) that can quite give the european monarchs (of the past) a good run for their money.


I am still amazed at the way people here just come up to speak to you. Really. It’s sometimes all I can take to not laugh, and go now what? What do you want me to buy? Today, someone asked, photo aap? Aap photo? I supposed that means if I wanted a photo. Aap I suppose means you. What is your good name? – is another of my favourites – just like I read in the books, they actually do say that! Do I have like a bad name? And even if I did, when would I use it to introduce myself with it? 


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