Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How Interior Design Rendering Works Its Magic.

In the field of architectural design, 3D rendering has become an important selling tool, attracting a wide variety of clients, from architects to designers and property developers. 3D rendering can be used in numerous activities. It can prove useful when wanting to market new products, when showing interior design ideas or when you wish to visualize planning applications.

Among the many services that 3D rendering companies offer, the most common are interior rendering, exterior rendering, landscape rendering, site plan illustrations, 3D floor plans and animations.

If you want to market a newly built or renovated property, 3D interior design rendering might be just the thing you need. Weather it is a commercial or a residential property, the client needs to visualize it before purchase. In order for this to happen, 3D interior rendered images offer a realistic display of the exact features and designs that will be incorporated into the final product when the project is complete.

Opting for 3D interior computer rendering allows the specific products to be dropped into the virtual setting of the property in a very realistic manner. As a consequence, clients get to see a complete image including furniture, electrical items, bathroom and kitchen cabinets allowing them to make the purchase decision in a more informed manner, thus enhancing their satisfaction level.

Some companies offer 3D interior design rendering to clients that want to renovate their homes using their own choice of furniture, artwork and surfaces, textures and fabrics. Some computer rendered images can even be animated so as the clients can be walked through each section of the project. It gives a more realistic feel to the whole application. This service is often used for new designs of apartments, lobbies and commercial facilities.

Interior designers can benefit a great deal from 3D computer rendering. Since they are faced with the ordeal of getting their ideas across, there is always the danger of not being clear enough, despite the numerous sketches that they present to their clients. The reality is that clients can’t read plans and sketches. They need to actually see it. Especially when there are changes that need to be made. It is very easy to make alterations to an image so that the client can get exactly the design he desires.

There have been troubles to what the cooperation between designers and 3D artists is concerned. The 3D artists had problems understanding briefs while the designers still had a hard time grasping the concept of 3D image rendering. Despite all this, progress has been made starting with the simplification of the whole process. Nowadays, interior designers have access to a complete 3D rendered catalogue and library of decoration and furniture items that allow them to fill a scene regardless of whether that item is actually in stock or not.

Creating the dream home is now possible through 3D interior design rendering which takes companies one step closer to providing the ultimate customer satistfaction services. One can get a better and more realistic understanding of what his house will look like before the project is even complete. This way both client and company are better focused and know exactly what they need to do.

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